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Our simple upfront pricing allows you to effectively calculate prepping costs before you source. 

All pricing includes Polybags, FNSKU labels, Expirations date labels, bubble wrap, outbound shipping boxes, set stickers, ready to ship stickers and gripper seals for liquids.  


  • 1-500 Units a Month=== $1.75

  • 501-1000 Units a Month=== $1.65

  • 1001-1500 Units a Month=== $1.55

  • 1501-2000 Units a Month=== $1.45

  • 2001-2500 Units a Month=== $1.35

  • Over 2500 Units a Month=== $1.25


Bundles (up to 6) are charged at the Volume Rate plus $.50​

Bundles over 6 items are charged at the Volume Rate plus $1 


Although the vast majority of your Amazon Inventory will fall within the Standard Units pricing, Units that require special packaging are subject to the following rates.  

  • Items requiring their own box (ie Candels, Canned Items, Glass/ Fragile Items, Collector items, Funko Pops=== $3.00 per Unit

  • Shoes=== Volume Rate plus $.50 per Unit

  • Small Oversized=== $3.00 per Unit

  • Large Oversized=== $5.00 per Unit 

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